European Masters 2024

Welcome to Haugesund

Haugesund is situated on a strategically important sound, the Karmsundet, through which ships could pass without traversing heavy seas. In the early years, the coastal waters off Haugesund were a huge source of herring, and the town grew accordingly. Despite being barely a village back then, King Harald Fairhair lived at Avaldsnes, very close to the modern town of Haugesund. In the last decades, the town, like its neighbours, has been turning towards the petroleum industry, with the herring being long gone.

During the last 20 years, the municipality has established its position as the main trading centre for the Haugaland region and southern parts of Vestland county. It has several relatively large shopping centres, however, this has led to a decline of the trade and shopping activity in the town centre.

Quality Hotel Maritim

Quality Hotel Maritim is the venue for European Maters 2024, and sponsor of the competition. The hotel is beautifully located by the Karmsundet in the center of Haugesund, and offers discounted prices on hotel rooms for participants. To book a discounted room, use the link on the right (below on mobile).

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Hotel & Venue/Competition area

Where to train

Crossfit Verftet
Karmsundgata 208
5527 Haugesund
(10 min walk from Hotel)

Tysvær Vekløfterklubb
Aksdalsvegen 157
5570 Aksdal

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